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  "All on a Website for the International Business and Shopping Presentation"

   Welcome for our I.P.M Business Marketing and Free Chatroom Website.

They look for online shops - Chatroom or another business. Yes this is of our vision! "You find here everything on a website".
How? or Where? This is quite easy! Go a little bit upwards to the menu Badges, here there is the possibility by mouse clicks or by input of a search word in the menu "SEARCH".
Whether you go forward now by mouse or with search words, you are passed on on an underside, there are numerous picture or text links to her business.
Use our I.P.M - Website as her new anonymous start side. Whether you are in the chat or with the online shopping, we store no data. 
Yes, we also use a visit narrator, that points only to how many person here were. No data IP are stored by I.P.M, we Can also not postpursue you where they still go. 
With the registration on our website only the data Will be put down stored by you. If your account is extinguished, your data pictures are also extinguished. An account restoration is not possible, therefore an account must be put on anew and Be given everything again anew.
We would like to fill your e-mail box not with thousand advertising mails, with us you receive on second days in the month e-mail advertisement. So that we can send e-mail advertisement to you, your consent is necessary.
They Have to switch off in your account the possibility the receipt of advertisement or To switch on.


Best regards of the team I.P.M Business


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